With the experience we have gained since 2002, we have incorporated various chemical product groups into our body, and our experience, which set out with the goals of changing world conjuncture, which is fast, open to innovation, following the world and developing technology and always adopting the same reliable quality, combined with the name of AVG Chemistry in 2020 " We started to take our steps confidently by using "Chemistry in Our Power". 

While looking to the future, we deem it a debt to ourselves to show the highest and highest quality performance in order to be successful in the ever-increasing competitive environment. Knowing that "Natural Life is a Chemical Product" and acting with this fact, we will be happy to provide you, our esteemed friends, with the best and highest quality service. 

We are constantly striving to increase the product range in order to meet the changing demands of you, our esteemed friends. You can find our product range and your requests regarding these products on our website.